Getting along in Europe

Why this project?

The motivation for this project is to study communication out of various perspectives, together with other European countries.

The project is needed because of the increasing contacts and collaboration within the European market in the aspects of,for instance, education, employment and politics. Besides In every participating school the problem of communication and conflict has ocurred and therefore the need to improve those skills is an aim to all the partners.

 We think it´s most important to start working with these issues among pupils who are about to choose their path in life after Secondary school; to make them aware of differences and similarities and to give them tools to use in another country. Our aim is to study and compare communication situations e.g. occurring.:

• Between pupils

• Between pupils-teachers

• Between girls-boys, in a gender perspective

• When applying for a job

• Everyday life (at home, shops, local government authorities…)

• Using modern technology (computers, cell-phones etc…)

Out of these situations derive our specific aims:

– improving language skills

– getting skills for lifelong learning

– getting experience of other cultures and realities by sharing everyday life

– doing a project with all its benefits for students and teachers

– getting awareness of intercultural communication and how to handle it

– being able to pass on our knowledge via the communication guide to all the students and schools in our region

– Improving relationships between students, teachers and staff and therefore improving the school´s climate

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