PM Sweden (December 2011)


 Karlfeldtgymnasiet is an upper secondary school in Avesta located about 200 kilometres west from Stockholm in the region Dalarna.

Our school has 13 programs

1.  Pupils’ Recreation Programme,

2.  Construction Programme,

3.  Electricity Programme,

4.  Arts Programme,

5.  Vehicle Programme,

6.  Business and Administration Programme,

7.  Industry Programme,

8.  Media Programme ,

9.  Natural Science Programme,

10. Health Care Programme,

11. Social Science Programme,

12. Technology Programme,

13. Individual Programmes.

In this project you are working whit The Social Science Programme. and “Studiero”



Welcome to our PM in Avesta in December 2011


Some tourist’s information about Avesta

Region Dalarna


Distrubution of task

Host of preparatory meeting 5, creating and maintaining the communication platform, accountable for the evaluation of
students´ confidence in the use of new technology



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